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Door Step Services.
At your Convenience.

We are pleased to offer Mobile Biometric Services to our applicants as a convenient, time-saving and relaxed way of submitting the Visa Applications from the comfort of your home or office as per convenience.

Applicants / Groups may schedule an appointment and the entire documents with biometrics will be collected at the place of your choice by our Mobile Biometric Officers.


  • To serve large groups better like corporate employees, students, sports teams, special needs groups, weddings guests and those travelling for conferences.
  • Convenient, time -saving and hassle free way of submitting visa application.
  • Personal or physical constrains.

Please note: You should prepare all the documents before applying for this service.

Cost of the service

Number of applications Price In Euro (per application)
1 - 5 200
6 - 10 150
More than 10 120

Note: All above mentioned services are completely voluntary and it does not guarantee faster turnaround time for your application.

Applicants who do not wish to collect their documents in person and whose documents cannot be collected by one of the above should select pass back by courier at the time they make their visa application

Please note passports will be delivered to applicant’s home address /applicant’s office address

The applicants are requested to mention the complete delivery address on the covering letter. In case no specific address is mentioned on the covering letter, the passport will be sent to the address mentioned on the Visa Application Form.

This procedural change is to ensure the safe and secure return of documents to applicants.

The courier form should have the address of the applicant’s residence or office only. The courier address will not be that of the travel agency.

In case an applicant wants to personally collect the passport from the office then she/he does not require to opt for courier.


  • The above services are optional
  • Applicants are requested to collect appropriate receipts for using these services
  • The courier services shall be confined to areas covered by the courier company. Please check with the submission officer.
  • Contact Number
  • If you have the DND (Do not Disturb) service activated on your mobile number, you may not receive the messages updating your application status.
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